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Aussie high school competitive programmer geek with glasses. My pronouns are she/her and they/them. Also, it's pronounced 'reds', not 'redzed'.

I live at Programming Language Design and Implementation as the 148th user and an active contributor from way back in the early days. Also an RO of The Garbage Collector, PLDI's main chatroom. Feel free to give me a ping!

I use C++, mostly for competitive programming, and Python, mostly for data analytics. I know some decent Flutter, and I've recently become interested in learning Dart for code golfing (even though it's horrible for code golfing.) Also trying to learn Vyxal and GolfScript.

My major achievements:

  • being a character in SE Nitro

Other random stuff I do:

  • Teach singing (no kidding), play piano and drums
  • Art stuff
  • Competitive programming (goto jail;)
  • Set things on fire/explode random materials (can be used interchangeably)
  • Rain World, Hollow Knight, Sky and Adventure
  • Content curation, mostly in the review queues

I have more helpful flags than I have reputation on SO!

I drew my profile picture :P

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