This question may have already been answered, but is there a running list of the different types of puzzles (outside of tags).

Example: Riley, Grandfather, Teapot.

But these types don't have the Riley, Teapot, Etc tag. Are these just fan titles?

Over time I can get an idea of what these types of puzzles are, however, it would be nice for newer users to be able to see what each of those mean.



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I don't know of any list of them. From time to time it's suggested that we make a new tag for one of these temporarily-popular types of riddle, but so far there's never been a consensus that that would be a good idea.

Usually these things are popular only for a fairly short period. As GentlePurpleRain says in comments above, you can search for "Riley" or whatever and get a pretty good idea of what's what.

In case this question gets found by future puzzled searchers, here are brief descriptions of the specific question-types mentioned here:

  • A "Riley riddle" (named for the user who first posted one here) gives cryptic descriptions of the start, middle, and end of a word (they may overlap), and of the word as a whole; the puzzle is to figure out the word.
  • A "teapot riddle" (named for an old parlour-game puzzle that worked in a similar way) gives cryptic descriptions of two or more homonyms (i.e., different meanings of the same string of letters); the puzzle is to figure out the word whose meanings they are.
  • A "Grandfather riddle" usually consists of a number of assertions of the form "my grandfather likes X but doesn't like Y", and the puzzle is to figure out what more or less implausible criterion is being used to divide the Xs from the Ys.
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you for this. I was more curious to see what the different types of riddles were, and if it would be worth creating something to help newer users. Thanks! $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 2, 2018 at 17:38

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