I have forgotten the answer to one of my puzzles. What do I do?

I find it quite remarkable that a similar post doesn't already exist here.


Firstly, come clean about it. As you've done here on meta, but maybe add a comment to the question along the lines of "oops, I've forgotten the answer to my own puzzle". It is allowed to post a puzzle where the OP doesn't know the answer, as for example in our tag, but it should always be made clear that that's the case. People trying to solve the problem should be aware that they may not be able to find a solution or it may not be verifiable.

We have a pretty smart puzzle-solving community. Maybe someone will post an answer that jogs your memory and helps you to remember your solution!

You mentioned in a comment here that you remember "some part of" the solution. Maybe, if it goes unsolved for a long time, you could post a partial answer yourself with what you do remember? This is a very tentative suggestion, as it depends a lot on exactly what you do remember. But that answer might, again, help someone else to get the full solution and jog your memory.


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