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The maths problem "paradox" [duplicate]

{Insert_Question_Here} [A few minutes later...] Maths.SE: Closed: Puzzles are not allowed. Puzzling.SE: Closed: Maths problems ...
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Why is this question considered a math problem? [duplicate]

I have asked this question recently. It's more likely a puzzle; because I have seen it in a puzzle quiz. Also, a math problem isn't asked in this way! It's a puzzle that challenges the IQ. Compare it ...
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Okay, the sandbox didn't work. We still have a quality problem; let's figure out how to address it

As of today, the riddle sandbox is no longer mandatory. The close reason related to it has been deactivated, and the requirement has been removed from the sandbox text. It was an experiment to see if ...
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Can I make up puzzles for the site?

I'm new to Puzzling and figured I would get started by posting a puzzle. I read through the tour, and it says this: Ask about... Specific questions about the creation and solving of puzzles ...
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What tricky mathematical questions are on topic here?

[EDITED to add:] See followup at Proposed policy on mathematical questions proposing a more specific policy in the light of comments and voting here. There's strong consensus that straightforward ...
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Should mathematics questions really be on-topic here?

Item: A blanket for my baby snake This is a math question. It's an interesting math question — so interesting that it is a research problem whose solution is still unknown. And the top-scoring ...
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Line between a programming puzzle and a programming problem

I've answered many questions on Stack Overflow, many of which got me to sit down and think in a way like it were an entertaining puzzle! Here is an example of such a post. I want to know where the ...
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Puzzling.SE refers me to Mathematics.SE refers me back to Puzzling.SE

Relevant posts: Which maths questions are on-topic Proposed policy on maths questions My challenge (I will refrain from calling it a puzzle for now!) was recently put on hold as off-topic since it ...
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Should we disable the "math problem" close reason?

I'm noticing building support for the idea of removing the "math problem" close reason. It's come up in discussion on meta, and has been brought up in chat a few times. I can definitely see where ...
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How do we prove that a math-based question has a clever solution?

One of my questions has been closed as being a math-textbook problem. However, this problem is not meant to (and in fact cannot) be answered through standard methods, and instead requires other ...
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Revisiting the 'math question or math puzzle' policy

There have been a lot of discussion in the past about which math questions are on-topic and which one are off-topic. But I today I found a bit old question (with amazingly net 4 upvotes) which is ...
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Should we burninate [word-problem]?

I've had an issue with the word-problem tag for a while. It's currently being used as a replacement or co-tag for: story wordplay or word mathematics Of these, only the last is what the tag should ...
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I say that a maths puzzle is suitable for this site. The puzzle-setter disagrees. What do you say?

In this puzzle Win the relay competition by selecting the longer path for competitors There is a wordy and confusing set-up. At the end of the question the following appears, The basic ...
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List examples of things you think are on-topic or off-topic

Given that we currently lack a description what is on-topic (Where is the definition of an on-topic question?) I think maybe we should make a list of things we think should be considered on-topic. It ...
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What is PSE's policy on mathematical questions, and why, and what's the history behind it?

It seems like PSE's policy on mathematical questions is kinda complicated and has changed over time. What exactly is the policy, and what's the history that led to it? (There are already lots of ...
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