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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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I can't vote anymore today but I only voted 39 times

I can't vote anymore today, but I only voted 39 times. What is happening here?
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Didn't Down Vote, but showing I did and wont let me undo!

I looked at a question, added a comment, then went back to my main page. About 2 minutes later I see I have a -1 reputation so I go to check it out and it says I downvoted something.. I don't down ...
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Area 51 Proposal: Math Challenges

On September 1st, I started a proposal on Area 51, for users to share, discuss and answer mathematical challenges that they have. I did this because I felt that these types of problems have no place ...
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Moderators Accepting Inactive Questions?

Should Moderators for Puzzling SE have the ability to accept posts that have been inactive for a long time? I'm pretty sure this should have gone on Meta StackExchange, but I feel that it wouldn't be ...
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"Expert rating" for puzzles

I haven't been very active on Puzzling generally, but recently wanted to collect some nice little puzzles for my website, and noticed how unreliable the voting system is. There are people on PSE which ...
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Should we upvote good answers for puzzles we've downvoted for being not good?

I'm repeatedly coming accross puzzles which I deem down-vote-worthy, because they lack quality. (They are on-topic though, so I don't VTC.) These are "puzzles" which are either far too easy ...
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The benefit of the doubt: should we shift the way we talk about puzzle quality?

Since very early in Puzzling's development, we've adopted a very strong principle that's become virtually universal: "if there is a hint of a notion that a puzzle might be good, we have to act as ...
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Bug in delete vote count

I just clicked the 'delete' button on a post that already had 2 votes to delete. A notification box popped up saying: Vote to delete this post? (21 votes remaining) I clicked on 'OK' and the post ...
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Rename the Green Llama!

The official Puzzling chat was named "The Green Llama" a year ago, after a public contest where everyone could suggest and vote his favourite name. It took a year for us to realize that we ...
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What do downvotes on challenge questions mean?

There's been some heated discussion about downvotes on challenge questions in chat and on downvoted questions. I wonder if this in part because people have different ideas about what downvotes mean, ...
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Up/Down Voters' Remorse

I was recently accosted in our main chat room about my mysterious non-content-changing edits. They were comprised of a single white-space character, or a new-line character which would not be visible ...
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Can up votes be used to improve quality too?

It is well known that downvotes can be used to improve overall site quality, by discouraging low quality questions and answers and users who post them. But upvotes can also be used to improve quality,...
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Can I upvote incorrect answers?

Should only correct answers be up-voted, or is it ok to upvote incorrect answers where an attempt has been made and well explained, despite it being wrong. If only correct answers can be upvoted, ...
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